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My Story: Quitting Web Design to Go Full in on Being a Podcast Educator and Podcast Manager

Jan 8, 2023

The Moms Who Podcast Show is here! I am so excited that you’re ready to listen! This episode focuses on getting to know me, Pamela. A Christian, a wife, and a mom of 5! I dive deep into who I am, and how I started my business and built my web design business.

I talk about how I quit web design to go full into podcast education – and never looked back!

I give you ALL of the details and dive into exactly what Moms Who Podcast is, who it is for, and what to expect.

Episode highlights:

• Meet Pamela, the founder & host of Moms Who Podcast

• How I became a web designer

• How I chose the podcasting space and quit web design and never looked back

• What this podcast is all about & exactly who it’s for

Connect with Pamela:

Join the Moms Who Podcast Facebook Community

Visit my website to see my services and how we can work together

Book a free podcast discovery call to see if we’re a good fit to work together

• Let’s connect on Instagram @PamelaKrista

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