Are you ready to get more visibility with your podcast and reach more people? Are you ready to fix the gaps?

Have an existing podcast and need a breakthrough?

You are ready for more visibility with your podcast and ready to reach more people, get more clients, and stop playing the guessing game!

And with the help of a podcast coach in your back pocket, you'll get them answered!

you know you've got some gaps to fill in your podcast..

  • You have a podcast expert looking at every single aspect of your show.

  • You have a complete walkthrough video of all the things needed to get more visibility with your show

  • You'll walk away with a tangible action plan!

  • You'll also get a follow up call for any further questions (& trust me, you'll have some!)

just imagine for a moment that...

Let's talk investment


  • A complete comprehensive podcast audit in a document that you will receive via email. 

  • Video walkthrough explaining the audit. 

  • 30 minute follow up call

  • 2 weeks of Voxer support during implementation 

this package includes: 

Hannah Hughes
- Host of the The By The Words Show Podcast

"It was so incredibly helpful to have another set of eyes on my podcast! It was also really encouraging to have support and feedback from another podcasting mom. It made it feel so much more realistic to implement the suggestions she gave me!"

What they're saying...

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“That’s a game character’s life, too,” Sam said. “The world of infinite restarts. Start again at the beginning, this time you might win. And it’s not as if all our results were bad. I love the things we made. We were a great team.” Sam offered Sadie his hand, and she shook it. She pulled him into her, and she kissed Sam on the cheek. 

Hey, I'm Pamela!

your new podcast coach. 

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