So you’ve decided to do it. Maybe you’ve got a podcast and you need some help or maybe you’ve listened to countless podcasts by busy mamas who also have successful businesses that fit around their life, and now it’s your turn. You know you want to start a podcast, but aren’t sure where to turn. Friend, you’re in the right place. Here you’ll find education, straightforward answers to your podcasting questions that’ll fit your dream AND your budget!



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You’ll only find the best of the best here. I’ve taken my craft and perfected it so that you can have a seamless experience with someone who has a passion for what they do and a love for helping and spreading knowledge.

So that you can spend less time wasting time and get back to doing what you’re called to do! 


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Is your podcast just a mere dream right now? Do you have a vision but haven’t taken any action? Let’s chat!

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I'm a mom of 5, blogger, & web designer turned podcaster strategist and I’m here to tell you that launching an amazing, profitable podcast does NOT need to be a chore. Ditch the frustration by snagging a one-time strategy session to gain some clarity or let me help you launch your podcast completely. No matter what you choose, or what area of podcasting you need help with…I’m here to help every step of the way. Afterall, that’s what BFF’s are for, right?

Your New Podcast And Business BFF


Ten Reasons why you should start a podcast to compliment your online business


What equipment and software do you need to start a podcast? Here are my top 4 must haves before you start!

How this mom started podcasting! How I pivoted from web designer to podcast educator 



Join me on Mondays as we dive deep into the world of motherhood, business & podcasting! Do you desire to have a more streamlined process for your business when it comes to podcasting and other elements of your business? If you said YES, then Moms Who Podcast is the show for you. Each week, we'll dive into topics to help you feel more confident behind the mic, and we'll also be talking about work-life balance as a busy mom.

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When thinking of starting your podcast, it can be totally overwhelming! The truth is, there are a lot of options out there. There are a lot of different ways you could make your podcast happen. I'm here to tell you- it doesn't have to be hard, frustrating or overwhelming. This guide will tell you exactly the equipment you need to use- no sugar coating over here! 

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    "She made it easy and so fun! Squash the doubt and don’t do it yourself"

    shaela daugherty,
    host of the move your body differently podcast

    "Pamela is AMAZING. Where has she been all these years?! If you are hesitant to book her to launch your podcast - stop it right now. Squash the doubt and don’t do it yourself. 
    Speaking for someone whose been doing my business solo for the last 5 years, investing in Pamela’s services was the best decision I’ve made. She made it so easy and fun! I was tired of doing it all myself and I’m so thankful I had her to help me (and mostly do it for me, ha!)"

    " I learned exactly what programs to use, how to use them, and, best of all, how to plan out a podcast so that it's successful! "

    Mindy Vassalle,
    host of the brand me gorgeous podcast

    "Pamela has been the best podcast guide. I had zero knowledge of starting a podcast other than reading online resources, which gave me a good idea, but I needed more education, and that's what Pamela gave me. I learned exactly what programs to use, how to use them, and, best of all, how to plan out a podcast so that it's successful! Pamela is also fantastic at keeping me accountable, which I needed as a busy designer doing a million things." 

    "She is able to take away all the jitters and share a seamless process! "

    casey zaruba,
    host of the oh, paloma podcast

    "Pamela shares so much good knowledge and helps encourage moms and women wanting to take the leap into starting a podcast. She is able to take away all the jitters and share a seamless process! If you're looking for the best info without the fluff, follow along her podcast"

    "Pamela definitely has a heart for podcasters! "


    Pamela definitely has a heart for podcasters! She is personable, communicative, and takes action. We were able to hit some goals in just one month of working together!

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    A 60-minute podcast strategy session where we do a deep dive into your business, your (future) podcast, and actionable tips and next steps to get there. I promise to give it to you straight and that you’ll walk away from the call more lit up than ever.

    Podcast Strategy Session

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    Let’s dive deep and get that podcast launched! Together we will pick out your podcast name, name your first episodes, get clarity on your ideal client, record + edit your episodes, pick out your music and so much more. After the launch I will either teach you how to maintain your podcast after our time together or we can talk more about my podcast management services!

    Podcast Launch Support

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    Let’s take your current podcast to a completely new level with me as your podcast manager. We’ll strategize a plan for your social media, email marketing, edit your episodes, upload them to your host, write your show notes and so much more. This is a jam packed service that you’re going to love!

    Ongoing Podcast Management

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    Come alongside other mamas who are working hard to build the business of their dreams with a mic in their hand! Come and ask podcast, motherhood, and business related questions, give & receive support, and network with an amazing group of like-minded women! You will NOT be disappointed you joined.

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