What lights my entrepreneurial heart on fire? I’d LOVE to tell you…

When a female business owner walks a little taller after launching her very own podcast

*insert hair flip*

When a new CEO has a podcast she can proudly shout from the rooftops

 (go ahead, breath that sigh of relief)

When mamas gain the time and financial freedom to live life on their own terms.

High five, girl!

Hey! I’m Pamela – Your New Fav Podcast Strategist And Business BFF


Medical TV Show Lover

Water Connoisseur

Pizza Obsessed

Wife & Mama Of 5

Podcast Expert

Your Experience, Story, And Voice Matters And The World Deserves To Hear It 

what i BELIEVE:


There I was, happily learning and growing as a virtual assistant specializing in WordPress…

until I discovered Showit in December 2021 and it rocked. my. world. I thought I found my thing again...

Until June 2022 when I started the process of launching my own podcast. I took 2 courses and did a lot of research. I finally launched my own podcast in October 2022 for the sole purpose to nurture and educate my audience of virtual assistant mamas. But after 4 weeks of launching I had 600 downloads, 35 ratings and over 25 reviews...all from doing very minimal social media sharing and lots of hard work on the backend. 

That is when I knew I had something special. It just clicked. So, in late 2022 I made the decision to pivot in my business into podcasting and I haven’t looked back! I know the podcasting space now like the back of my hand… and though I am still learning (are we not growing if we're not learning in our biz?) nothing makes me happier than sharing that knowledge with women like YOU!

Or So I Thought

Several years ago I started a blog as a means to release some pent up creativity. I soon realized how much I enjoyed writing, but I also made an unexpected discovery – I LOVED designing my website. As time went on I started new blogging adventures left and right in an effort to find that initial spark I felt when I first began blogging. After some reflection, it hit me… I didn’t actually want to maintain so many different blogs, I just wanted to create ALL the websites! THAT is what lit me up!

Not long thereafter I decided to branch out into the world of virtual assistance, primarily offering website services on WordPress. I had finally found “my thing”!

How It All Got Started

My Entire Crew!