8 Ways to Repurpose Your Podcast Episodes Across Multiple Platforms

February 16, 2024






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A mom of 5 and a podcast coach and manager empowering moms to podcast and profit

I'm Pamela

8 Ways to Repurpose Your Podcast Episodes Across Multiple Platforms | Pamela Krista

There’s something that isn’t talked about a lot in podcasting that I want to bring attention to: repurposing your podcast content for other platforms. In fact, there are quite a few ways to repurpose your podcast episodes across multiple platforms.

Technically, repurposing your podcast episode is as limited as your creativity. I’ve seen so much come from one episode and land on multiple different platforms in all kinds of forms. Instead of breaking every possible form and platform down, we’re just going to focus on the main ways I repurpose my podcast episodes (and you should, too)!

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How to Repurpose Your Podcast Episodes Across Multiple Platforms

Before we dive into ways and where to repurpose your podcast episodes, I want to talk a little bit about how you should repurpose them. The technical stuff.

If you’re planning on repurposing your podcast episodes, you’ll need to have easy access to your transcript and video – you can either add this to your podcasting/content creation workflow or use a recording platform that automatically generates a transcript.

For example, Apple Podcasts now offers transcriptions for their published podcasts. Or you can look into Descript, a podcast recording and editing software that auto-generates a transcript in a doc-like format.

Descript is what I use to edit podcast episodes for my own and my clients. You can sign up for the free version here (I definitely recommend it if you’re trying to make content creation just a little bit easier).

Having your transcript ready for you in a doc form will help you “pull out” information or sections you want to repurpose across your other marketing platforms – and, as a busy mom, it’s already hard to find time to record podcast episodes, let alone try and market everywhere else.

8 Ways You Can Repurpose Your Podcast Episodes

Now for the good stuff – aka the different ways you can repurpose your podcast episodes for different platforms. Most of these are pretty common, but I want to talk a little bit about what happens behind the scenes, like where I pull the information from and how long it usually takes me to repurpose it.

Here are the eight main ways you can repurpose your podcast episodes:

#1. Blog Post

Writing a blog post from scratch normally takes me around two hours, but when I’m repurposing a blog post from my podcast, it takes me around 40 minutes – quite a time-saver, right? 

When you’re repurposing your podcast into a blog post, most of the content of the blog is already in your transcript; you’re just adding the images, adding your keywords,  and optimizing it for SEO even further.

#2. Instagram Feed Post

You probably have your own podcasting workflow, but in my workflow, I like to record, edit, and then write my show notes. I take my show notes and use them to create a caption for my IG post on my feed – and I do the same thing to create a reel.

#3. Email Newsletter

You can use your show notes or your episode transcript, but whatever you use, you should be creating an email newsletter to promote or share your podcast episode.

You can directly share the show notes, use your transcript to write a synopsis of the episode or pull out a few important or eye-catching parts to encourage your subscribers to head to your podcast and listen to the rest.

#4. Facebook

I have a Facebook community that I created, and I love, Moms Who Podcast, and I like to repurpose the podcast content from my latest episode into a new post – sometimes an engagement post or sometimes I’m sharing something from the episode – to my mamas in there.

#5. Pinterest

There’s no special strategy here, but if you’re looking to show up on Pinterest and share your podcast episodes, I’ve found a really good pin graphic, and using my show notes as the pin description does really well!

#6. TikTok

You can clip your audio and make audiograms or record a short clip promoting your episode utilizing your show notes, or do the same as your email newsletter – pull out some of the most eye-catching/interesting information to share!

#7. Youtube

YouTube has a lot of potential for repurposing your podcast episodes. You can video record your podcast and upload it to your channel, break it down, and release it in clips, or do the same as TikTok but for YouTube Shorts.

#8. LinkedIn

Now, LinkedIn has a bit more formal tone and content, so you’ll want to pull from your transcript and do some editing to clarify the message you’re trying to get across. But the benefit of breaking it down a little bit is that you’re able to create multiple posts from one podcast episode!

I’m huge on repurposing your podcast to get the most out of your longer-form content (and making our lives easier as moms), and I would love to give you support in figuring out how you can do that in a way that works for you in the Moms Who Podcast Club, an affordable podcasting membership designed for moms!

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A mom of 5 and a podcast coach and manager empowering moms to podcast and profit

I'm Pamela

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