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I have launched two of my own successful podcasts and multiple clients.  And I am here to teach you exactly what works. 

  • You're going to learn exactly how to plan, launch and execute your dream of finally launching that podcast!

  • I'm here to teach you all the ins and outs of podcasting. The prep, the action, and the work that comes after launching. 

  • It doesn't have to be hard. It doesn't have to be frustrating. And I got your back!

launch the podcast that's been on your heart for quite some time?

Are you ready to finally...

I am taking everything that I've learned when it comes to launching a podcast and putting it into a course!

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Inside of this course, you're not only getting all the know-how to launch a podcast.

You're also getting no fluff, straight to the point details.

By following what's inside the course you'll get proven results for launching your podcast, raving reviews once you launch, and watching your downloads go up!

You'll also find SOLID strategy and exclusive one on one help that you can't really find anywhere else. 

No fluff. Proven results. Solid strategy. One on one help. 

why the moms who podcast blueprint?

Wondering how exactly to produce a podcast every week using minimal time

Wanting to know the best platforms to start a podcast

Does any of this sound familiar? 

Wondering what software and programs do you use to produce your podcast?

Overwhelmed with the first step to podcasting

Wondering how podcasting can actually grow your business

Not clear on the strategy to turn listeners into leads

  • Actually monetize your podcast and make money
  • Learn how to optimize your podcast for SEO
  • Learn to pitch to be guests on other podcasts 
  • Know how to record, edit your podcast episodes 
  • Know how to choose podcast music and create an intro, outro, and trailer 
  • Know what to name your podcast

you want to...

you are...

then you're in the right place! 

The Moms Who Podcast blueprint


i'm so ready

Yup, you'll have access to me via Voxer for 8 weeks. So after the weekly calls and your podcast is launched, you still have access to me to help through any questions! And don't worry, I'm still here for you even after the 8 weeks and beyond. 


My favorite part! Each week for 30-60 minutes I will answer all of your questions. You're also able to submit questions beforehand and I will answer those as well. Also, all calls will be recorded and replays will be sent out. 

6 weekly group calls

Upon enrollment you'll get immediate access to the first module of the course. You'll be able to dive right in and take actionable tips before our first group call!

access to the first module

You'll get lifetime access to the course and all future updates! This course will be updated with the most up-to-date information about all things podcasting. 

lifetime access

 Then, once a week for six weeks we will hop on a group call and I will answer all of your burning questions and new modules will be unlocked.

For 6 weeks we will tackle all things podcasting

A course built with you and for you

 You will get immediate access to the first module to take actionable tips right away.

 What you get

Access to the first module 

A peek inside module 1:

  • Naming your podcast
  • Who is your audience/ideal client?
  • Coming up with your first twenty episode titles 
  • What software and equipment do you need?
  • Choosing a podcast host
  • Choosing episode length, frequency, and style

coming soon

Finally feel at ease knowing that you finally launched your podcast!!

Have multiple resources available to you when it comes to after launching your podcast. 

Have a clear plan on your future episodes and what to do for each podcast episode. 

You'll launch a podcast you are so incredibly proud of! Congrats, you finally did it!!

At the end of this course....

i need this program!

Have 8 weeks of immediate access to me

Get all your questions answered with weekly group calls

Be apart of creating a course and get immediate access as modules are unlocked

Launch a podcast in six weeks

You are wanting to stop playing small. You know it's time to launch a podcast but you lack the steps, clarity, and technical know-how. That's where I come in! I'm creating a course that will teach you everything you need to know about launching your podcast and I'll be right there every step of the way.  

You're finally ready to...

This course is for you if...

Sweet reviews

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"She made it easy and so fun! Squash the doubt and don’t do it yourself"

shaela daugherty,
host of the move your body differently podcast

"Pamela is AMAZING. Where has she been all these years?! If you are hesitant to book her to launch your podcast - stop it right now. Squash the doubt and don’t do it yourself. 
Speaking for someone whose been doing my business solo for the last 5 years, investing in Pamela’s services was the best decision I’ve made. She made it so easy and fun! I was tired of doing it all myself and I’m so thankful I had her to help me (and mostly do it for me, ha!)"

" I learned exactly what programs to use, how to use them, and, best of all, how to plan out a podcast so that it's successful! "

Mindy Vassalle,
host of the brand me gorgeous podcast

"Pamela has been the best podcast guide. I had zero knowledge of starting a podcast other than reading online resources, which gave me a good idea, but I needed more education, and that's what Pamela gave me. I learned exactly what programs to use, how to use them, and, best of all, how to plan out a podcast so that it's successful! Pamela is also fantastic at keeping me accountable, which I needed as a busy designer doing a million things." 

"She is able to take away all the jitters and share a seamless process! "

casey zaruba,
host of the oh, paloma podcast

"Pamela shares so much good knowledge and helps encourage moms and women wanting to take the leap into starting a podcast. She is able to take away all the jitters and share a seamless process! If you're looking for the best info without the fluff, follow along her podcast"

"Pamela definitely has a heart for podcasters! "


Pamela definitely has a heart for podcasters! She is personable, communicative, and takes action. We were able to hit some goals in just one month of working together!

frequently asked questions

Absolutely, 100% there are payment plans. As a mom of 5, I know how it is. I wanted to make this program as affordable as possible, so payment plans are an option.

The available payment plan options show upon checkout. 

Are there payment plans available?

Yep, that's totally okay. You will have lifetime access to the course and you will be able to dive in when you're ready. You can jump in on the calls too.

What If I don't want to launch in six that okay?

Yes! I went back and forth with this but you will have lifetime access to the course! You'll be able to dive in when you want, go back and get what you need, and it WILL be constantly updated with the latest and greatest podcasting practices!

Will I have Lifetime access to the course?

This program is just launching for the first time ever in Jan, 2023. When the course is fully created, yes, this program will be available and the lifetime access, Voxer support, weekly group calls and Voxer support will still be there!

However, this is an early bird soft launch of this program. What that means is that this special price and "beta" round will officially be closed on February 10th, 2023. The course will re-open once it is fully built in Q2, but at a much higher price.

Is this program always available?

• Lifetime access to the course

• Immediate access to module 1 (available Feb 1st)


pay in full



enroll now

• 6 weekly group calls where I answer your burning questions

• 8 weeks of Voxer support

• Unlimited email support

• Private FB group community

enroll now

• Immediate access to module 1 (available Feb 1st)



• 6 weekly group calls where I answer your burning questions

• 8 weeks of Voxer support

• Unlimited email support


• Lifetime access to the course

• Private FB group community

GET 50% OFF. 


I'm a mom of 5, blogger, & web designer turned podcaster strategist and I’m here to tell you that launching an amazing, profitable podcast does NOT need to be a chore.

So mama, ditch the frustration by letting this course and my guidance help you launch that podcast you know is on your heart.

Let's get your voice into the world in a professional and seamless way! Best of all? I’m here to help every step of the way. Afterall, that’s what BFF’s are for, right?

The CEO and founder of Moms Who Podcast

Meet pamela